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Arrierito Antiqueño
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One person full board $65
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Creation of the Arrierito Antiqueño Reserve to Protect the Chestnut-capped Piha, Colombia
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Arrierito Antiqueño Bird Reserve

Partner - ProAves Foundation

In 2001, a ProAves expedition described the elegant Chestnut-capped Piha from a tiny fragmented forest in the north-eastern most Central Andes. The region’s fertile subtropical soils and rich gold deposits had resulted in extensive deforestation with few surviving forests. Surveys of remnant forests here discovered that a suit of endemic bird and amphibian species are severely threatened here.

ProAves acquired a core forest remnant of 1,300 acres to protect the Piha and established a network of trails along ridges and streams to encounter this and other key species.

The reserve has a colonial farmhouse and a new accommodation block with three comfortable rooms and bathrooms for seven visitors.

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