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$140 Single Room
$232 Double Room
$330 Triple Room
Fares include night lodging, three meals, taxes, services, and entrance to the reserves. Fares do not include guiding service.
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Jul. 5 to Jul. 8, 2012

Canandé Reserve and Lodge

Partner - Jocotoco Fundación

Canandé Lodge is located in Esmeraldas Province of northwestern Ecuador, two hours from the town of Pedro Vicente Maldonado. The lodge is situated at about 300m altitude—an ideal setting to experience humid Chocó tropical forest.

Scarlet-breasted Dacnis by Murray Cooper Scarlet-breasted Dacnis by Murray Cooper

Known for extremely high levels of biodiversity, this site harbors a long list of endemic and globally threatened birds including the Scarlet-breasted Dacnis, Golden-chested Tanager, Rose-faced Parrot, Great-green Macaw, Long-wattled Umbrellabird, Banded Ground-Cuckoo, and Yellow-green Bush-Tanager.

Over 330 bird species have been observed, including the Sapayoa, Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle, Chocó Poorwill, White-tipped Cotinga, and Great Jacamar. Plants, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals abound, including three species of monkeys frequently observed by guests.

Banded Ground Cuckoo by Roger Ahlman Banded Ground Cuckoo by Roger Ahlman

The lodge features four bedrooms, each with private bathroom, and has a total capacity of 11 guests. Facilities include a restaurant, hot water, and electricity (110 volts), bar and shop, laundry service, and network of trails.

See the excellent reserve description at the Jocotoco website for more background information.

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