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El Paujil Bird Reserve

Partner - ProAves Foundation

The critically endangered Blue-billed Curassow is perhaps Colombia’s most enigmatic species, being virtually unknown until a ProAves expedition located a viable population in the Magdalena valley in 2003. Locally called “El Paujíl”, the curassow was an important symbol in ancient Pre-Colombian indigenous culture, with many gold figures depicting this spectacular bird.

With support from American Bird Conservancy and Conservation International, ProAves was able to acquire 3,000 acres of some of the last remaining humid lowland forest in the Magdalena Valley, just six hours from the capital Bogotá.

Since the reserve was established, hunting has stopped and annual monitoring of the curassow population has shown that the population is bouncing back and the birds are less shy making it a strong possibility for visitors to see.

Today, the reserves is one of the last refuges for many endangered and endemic lowland forest species, including the Variegated Spider Monkey (one of the 25 rarest primates on (earth), the Magdalena Lowland Tapir, and Fallox Robber Frog.

The reserve boasts excellent accommodation in the heart of the reserve (the curassow has been seen close-by), with air conditioning and electricity.

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