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Gotas de Agua
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Gotas de Agua

Partner - Luciano Troyes and Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos - ECOAN

Gotas de Agua is a private reserve operated by Luciano Troyes and his family in the Marañon Valley near the town of Jaen, along the Northern Peru Birding Route. This site is rich in Marañon endemics for birders and features spectacular scenery and dry forests. It makes an excellent stop between coastal Tumbezian sites and endemism hotspots further east such as Huembo, Abra Patricia, and Waqanki.

Peruvian Pygmy-Owl, Gotas de Agua by Dan Lebbin

The lodge features an open dining area overlooking bird feeders, a short observation tower, many trails, and spectacular overlooks. Marañon specialties include Little Inca-Finch, Marañon Crescentchest, Marañon Spinetail, Chinchipe Spinetail, Peruvian Pigeon, leucogaster subspecies of Northern Slaty-Antshrike, and Collared Antshrike.

Overlook - Gotas de Agua by Dan Lebbin

Tataupa Tinamou, Streaked Saltator, and Red-crested Finch come into the feeding station by the observation tower. Spot-throated Hummingbirds visit hummingbird feeders at the lodge and flowering trees by the observation tower. In the evening, witness the flight of hundreds of Drab Seedeaters, Golden-bellied Grosbeaks, and doves en route from the river below the main escarpment to their roosts in the forests above.

Maranon Crescentchest, Gotas de Agua by Dan Lebbin

Night birding can be quite good, with Peruvian Screech-Owl at the lodge, as well as Scrub Nightjar, Stygian Owl, and Peruvian Pygmy-Owl.

ABC’s partner ECOAN is working with Luciano to formally establish Gotas de Agua as a Private Conservation Area recognized by the Peruvian national government. When you visit, consider purchasing artwork painted by Luciano’s son Pier.

Cactus, Gotas de Agua by Dan Lebbin

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