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Narupa was established as a reserve in 2006 by the Ecuadorian conservation non-profit group Jocotoco Foundation to protect a large block of eastern Andean foothill forest, one of the largest in this part of Ecuador. Named for an elegant species of tall palm, the Narupa Reserve is 1,850 acres and forms part of the buffer zone of Sumaco National Park.

The Reserve has an elevation range from 1000 to 1580 m, which contributes to a growing list of birds that is over 300 species. This includes the Cerulean Warbler, a long-distance migrant that breeds in eastern North America and spends the boreal winter in northwestern South America. Resident species include Black Tinamou, Military Macaw, Coppery-chested Jacamar, and Foothill Elaenia.

The variety of tanagers, tyrant flycatchers, and hummingbirds found on the reserve is especially impressive. A notable rarity is the Orange-breasted Falcon, a pair of which has bred for some years on a cliff immediately adjacent to the reserve; this represents the only currently known nesting nest for this rare falcon, itself globally threatened, in Ecuador.


  • Tent platform at Narupa Reserve

    For the present, visitor amenities are limited and camping is the only accommodation. Nearby lodging options include Wildsumaco Lodge or Cabanas San Isidro. Both are excellent birding lodges (you will probably want to visit both) and are owned and managed by good friends of Jocotoco.

  • Footbridge

    A footbridge over the Hollín River provides access to primary forest at higher elevations in the reserve. The river itself, complete with an area for swimming, provides a welcome retreat from the forest.

  • Narupa path

    There is a network of trails to enjoy and a new hummingbird garden.

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  • Cerulean Warbler

    Bruce Beehler

  • Coppery-Chested Jacamar

    Dusan M Brinkhuizen

  • Fork-tailed Woodnymph

    Mike Parr

  • Military Macaw

    Dennis Jacobsen

  • Red-Headed Barbet

    Owen Deutsch

  • Wire-Crested Thorntail

    Francisco Sornoza Fundación Jocotoco

  • Hollin River

    Jocotoco Foundation

  • Narupa Reserve

    Ivan Samuels

  • Birding at Narupa

    Benjamin Skolnik

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