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The Serra Bonita Reserve, which means ‘beautiful mountain’ in Portuguese, is a pioneering, innovative private conservation enterprise, protecting one of the last remnants of submontane Atlantic Forest in Southern Bahia, Brazil.

The Brazilian Atlantic Forest originally covered about 130 million hectares along the Atlantic coast; currently, roughly 7% of its original cover remains intact. The Serra Bonita Reserve aims to protect the Brazilian Atlantic Forest through a consortium of several rural property owners, whose properties have been declared private reserves. Altogether, 6,175 acres are protected.

Almost 400 birds can be found at the Serra Bonita Reserve, including the Bahia Tyrannulet, Pink-legged Graveteiro, White-eyed Foliage-Gleaner, Plumbeous Antvireo, Salvadori’s Antwren, Buffy-fronted Seedeater, Red-necked tanager, White-wedged Piculet and Temminck’s Seedeater, among others.

The Instituto Uiraçu is also thrilled to have a breeding pair of Harpy Eagles at the reserve, which in 2018 produced a Harpy chick!


  • Serra Bonita

  • Serra Bonita Lodge

  • Serra Bonita Lodge

    The Serra Bonita Lodge has 8 suites, four with single beds and four with double beds. Additional beds are available to increase each room’s capacity if needed. Every suite has its own veranda and Wi-Fi internet is available at the lodge. Overnight stays include all three meals in the price. Day visitors are welcome, and meals can be served upon request at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Lodge Room at Serra Bonita

  • Lodge Entrance

  • Research Center

    The research center at Serra Bonita has six laboratories, a screening room, two collection rooms (one containing the Becker Lepidoptera Collection), a scientific library and an auditorium for up to 80 people, where courses, lectures and presentations can be held.

  • Moth Collection

  • Moth Collection

  • Trails

    The reserve has four trails at the top of the mountain and two in the lowlands.

  • Birding the raod

Day-Use Only
Dining Available
Observation Tower
Overnight Accomodation
Restrooms Available
Trails Available

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Read about the return of the Harpy Eagle to Serra Bonita

What You'll See

  • Bahia Spinetail

    Ciro Ginez

  • Pink-legged Gravetiero

    Ciro Albano

  • Harpy Eagle Nest

    Gustavo Magnago

  • Red-necked Tanager

    Amaro Luiz Alves

  • White-wedged Piculet

    Daniel Alarcon

  • Bird-Friendly Cacao Plantations

  • Atlantic Forest

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